Reusing the search criteria - 8.0

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Before you begin

  • The data container that holds the master data you want to manage and the data model against which the master data will be validated have been selected.

About this task

To reuse a search criteria you already defined, complete the following:


  1. Click the icon in the upper right corner of the page to open the search bookmark list.


    Note: This list includes all search bookmarks created by different business users.
  2. Select from the list the search bookmark according to which you want to display data records and then click .
    The number of the records displayed in the page depends on what you have already defined in the Lines/page box in a previous search. Change the number in the box according to your needs and then reselect your search criteria to display the desired numbers of records. This number will be retained every time you try to browse data records in the repository (MDM hub).
    Note: If you select a search bookmark related to a view for which you do not have access because it is not associated with your role, an error message will be displayed.
    In the search bookmark list:



    open a dialog box where you can edit the search bookmark

    delete the search bookmark

    search the data records according to the search criteria set in the selected bookmark