Running a Standalone Process designed in Talend Studio - 8.0

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If a Standalone Process is created in Talend Studio, it is automatically listed in the Welcome page in Talend MDM Web UI.

Such a process is not linked to a specific entity and can be designed to do different tasks on master data, for example adding a new record/entity in the repository, launching a Job to do some check or transformation on master data, or launch a Job to return a specific result in a new tab in the web interface.

Before you begin

  • The MDM server is already launched.
  • You have been assigned a role with the appropriate user authorization and access rights to Processes.
  • At least one Standalone Process has been created in Talend Studio. For more information on how to define Standalone Processes, see Processes.

About this task

To execute a Standalone Process from the web interface, complete the following:


  1. Log in to Talend MDM Web UI to display the Welcome page.


  2. In the Processes panel, click the button that corresponds to the Standalone Process you want to execute, LaunchJob in this example.
    This LaunchJob Standalone Process calls a Job which passes to the Process output variable the URL of a PDF you want to display in a new tab in the Web User Interface. You can then save or print the returned result.
    Note: To be able to run a Standalone Process that returns a result without problems as in the example above, make sure that the configuration of your web browser is set correctly: not to block pop-up windows and to open new windows in new tabs.