Searching for specific logs - 8.0

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The Search Panel at the top of the Journal page allows you to set various search criteria to narrow down the results yielded.


  1. From the Data Model list, select the data model on which you want to perform the search.
  2. In the Entity field, type in the name of the entity you want to limit the search to if required.
  3. From the Source list, select the source of the modifications if required:
    • genericUI: if data is modified through Talend MDM Web UI.
    • restoreUI: if data is restored from an old version through Talend MDM Web UI by the administrator.
    • service: if data is modified through REST API.
  4. If you know the key which corresponds to a specific data record of interest, type it in the key field.
  5. From the Operation Type list, choose the type of event among the listed ones if required.
  6. In the User Name field, enter the name of the user whose log files you are interested in if required.
  7. Click next to the Start Date field.
    A calendar appears.
  8. Select the relevant Start Date from the calendar if required.
  9. Click next to the End Date field.
    A calendar appears.
  10. Select the relevant End Date from the calendar if required.
  11. Click the Search button on the bottom right corner of the search panel.
    The page displays the records which meet the specified search criteria.


    Note that, if you select the Strict Search check box, an EQUALS operator is used for the search; that is, the search returns results where the values are exactly the same as the search string specified. If the Strict Search check box is not selected, a CONTAINS operator is used for the search instead; that is, the search returns any results containing all or part of the search string specified.

    From this log table, you can also:

    • click the Export to Excel button to export the log list in an .xls file,

    • click the Reset button in order to clear the search fields and set new search criteria before clicking the Search button,

    • double-click any of the log items to view the details of the changes which occurred.

    If required, you can also specify the number of data records you want to display in the log table by setting a number in the Lines/page field at the bottom of the page and then pressing Enter.