Simulating the validation of a staging data record - 8.0

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From the Staging Data Browser in Talend MDM Web UI, you can simulate the validation of a staging data record and then determine how to make changes to the record to make it valid.

Prior to being saved to the master database, a staging data record has to go through a validation process, which involves checking the staging data record against the database schema, foreign key constraints, the data model validation rules defined in Talend Studio, and the Before-Saving process (if any) of the entity to which the data record pertains.

Warning: When you simulate the validation of a staging data record, make sure that the Job called by the Before-Saving process does not create new data or modify the existing data.

About this task

To simulate the validation of an existing staging data record, do the following:


  1. Open the staging data record of interest.


  2. In the Staging Data Browser page, click More... > Validate on the menu bar.
    A message box pops up, showing that the record is valid.
    If some record is not valid, the details about why the record is not valid will be displayed.
    A REST API interface is also available for validating data records against the master storage.