Updating multiple data records in an entity in one go - 8.0

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From the Master Data Browser page, you can select multiple master data records pertaining to an entity and update them in one go if they need the same update information.

About this task

The following example shows how to update several fields of multiple master data records at the same time:


  1. In the Master Data Browser page, search for the data records that pertain to the entity of interest.


  2. Select the data records you want to update.


  3. Click Bulk Update to open the Bulk Update page.


  4. For each field you want to update, click the icon to make it editable.
    In this example, three fields Description, Availability and Price will be updated.
  5. Provide the valid update information required for each field you want to update.
    If a field is optional, you can leave it blank to clear its value.
    In this example, enter a new description and a new price, and select the Availability check box.


  6. Update one or more foreign key fields if needed.
    For example, to update the product family information of the selected data records:
    1. Click the Family tab in the Bulk Update page, and then click the Edit button.
    2. Click the button and then select the product family information.


    3. If you do not want to select any of the families listed, click Create to open a new ProductFamily page, and define a new product family to be used by the selected data records.


  7. In the Bulk Update page, click Save to save your changes.
  8. In the Confirmation dialog box that opens, click Yes to validate your changes.
    Note: This bulk update operation will not invoke the Before-Saving process.
  9. Go back to the Master Data Browser page to verify that the selected records are updated successfully.


You can also perform bulk update through the REST API.

For more information, see How to perform mass partial update on MDM data records through the REST API.