User management in Talend MDM Web UI - 8.0

Talend MDM Web UI User Guide

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Talend MDM Web UI gives access to a User Manager page to allow administrators or authorized business users to:

  • View the information retrieved from Talend Administration Center (login, first name, last name) and the information maintained by the web user interface (language, assigned custom roles and properties) of MDM users.

    Click Search on the page to list all MDM users who have the right to work with Talend MDM, including Talend Studio and the web user interface.

    You can set the lines per page, whose value must be larger than 1.

    You can also enter an exact login in the search field and then click Search to list a specific MDM user.

  • Maintain the information for using Talend MDM of MDM users. For more information, see Updating the language and assigned custom roles of an MDM user and Configuring dynamic properties for an MDM user.

  • Modify the user list display. For more information, see Modifying the user list display.