Validating records in the Staging Area - 8.0

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The operation of validating records in the Staging area should be performed by users with Read & Write access to the elements of all entities.

About this task

To validate records in the Staging Area and transfer them to the master database, do the following.


  1. On the Menu pane, click Govern > Staging Area to open the Staging Area page.
  2. In the Status area of the Staging Area page, Talend MDM Web UI displays details about the records that may require validation, as shown in the image below.


  3. Click the Start Validation button to start the validation process.
    Note: You can filter the records for which you perform the validation process.

    In the Current Validation area, a progress bar shows the progress of the validation. You can cancel the validation at this stage by clicking the Cancel button.

    When the validation process is complete, its details are shown in the Previous Validation(s) area, as shown in the image below.