Viewing details of valid and invalid records in the Staging Area Browser - 8.0

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About this task

To view details of valid records that have been transferred to the master database, or invalid records that require some action to be taken to correct them before they can be transferred, do the following.


  1. In the Status area of the Staging Area page, click the [n] record(s) hyperlink next to Valid to view details of the records that have been validated.
    You can also click the [n] record(s) hyperlink next to Invalid to view details of any invalid records.
    The Staging Browser page opens.
  2. To search for records based on specific criteria (Entity, Source, Key, State and Status Code, and Start Date and End Date), enter the relevant criteria in the corresponding field and click the Search button.
    Note: The Entity field is mandatory, but if you want to display all records in that entity, leave the rest of the fields blank.
    A list of all records that match your search criteria is displayed.
  3. Double-click any record for its details to be displayed.