Viewing the REST API documentation - 8.0

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Talend MDM Web UI provides access to the MDM REST API documentation based on Swagger.

You can refer to the documentation for the syntax and related parameters for REST API operations, and even test the execution of some operations.

Moreover, for the REST API operations, you can use the query language to narrow down the data records of interest, order the query results or implement other functions according to your needs.

About this task

To view the MDM REST API documentation, do the following:


  1. From the Menu panel, click Tools.
  2. Select REST API from the list to open a new page.
    The REST API operations are classified into different categories (links): User data management, Administration, Statistics, Data matching, Staging area management, and Transactions.


  3. Click each category link to display a list of operations under the category.
    Alternatively, click Show/Hide to show or hide the list of operations.
  4. Click Expand Operations to expand the details of all operations or click List Operations to collapse all operations.
    On the right side of each operation, you can also click the short description to expand the details of a specific operation.
  5. If needed, you can test executing some operations.