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SEDA (Mediation)

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  1. Click the Code tab at the bottom of the design workspace to look at the generated code.
    As shown in the code, a message Route is built from "Starter_cTimer_1", set the message body "to cSEDA" by "cSetBody_1", and sent to cSEDA_2, which is mapped to "SEDA_consumer_cSEDA_1". The message is then sent to cVM_2, cDirect_2 sequentially which is mapped to its corresponding consumer with a new message body. On the consumer side, the message body from each consumer is logged by the corresponding monitor.
  2. Click the Run view to display it and click the Run button to launch the execution of your Route. You can also press F6 to execute it.
    RESULT: The message that is sent to SEDA_producer, VM_producer, and Direct_producer is consumed by SEDA_consumer, VM_consumer, and Direct_consumer respectively. The message exchange is triggered twice as set in the Route Resource SetRepeatCount.