Configuring tFileInputDelimited - Cloud - 8.0

Microsoft CRM

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  1. Double-click tFileInputDelimited to display its Basic settings view and define its properties.
  2. Set the Property Type to Repository if you have stored the input file properties centrally in the Metadata node in the Repository tree view. Otherwise, select Built-In and fill the fields that follow manually. In this example, property is set to Built-In.
  3. Click the [...] button next to the File name/Stream field and browse to the delimited file that holds the input data. The input file in this example contains the following columns: new_id, new_status, new_firstname, new_email, new_city, new_initial and new_zipcode.
  4. In the Basic settings view, define the Row Separator allowing to identify the end of a row. Then define the Field Separator used to delimit fields in a row.
  5. If needed, define the header, footer and limit number of processed rows in the corresponding fields. In this example, the header, footer and limits are not set.
  6. Click Edit schema to open a dialog box where you can define the input schema you want to write in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.
  7. Click OK to close the dialog box.