Configuring tMicrosoftCrmOutput - Cloud - 8.0

Microsoft CRM

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  1. Double-click tMicrosoftCrmOutput to display the component Basic settings view and define its properties.
  2. Enter the Microsoft Web Service URL as well as the user name and password in the corresponding fields.
  3. In the OrganizeName field, enter the name that is given the right to access the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.
  4. In the Domain field, enter the domain name of the server on which Microsoft Dynamics CRM database is hosted, and then enter the host IP address and the listening port number in the corresponding fields.
  5. In the Action list, select the operation you want to carry on. In this example, we want to insert data in a custom entity in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.
  6. In the Time out field, set the amount of time (in seconds) after which the Job will time out.
  7. In the Entity list, select one among those offered. In this example, CustomEntity is selected.

    If CustomEntity is selected, a Custom Entity Name field displays where you need to enter a name for the custom entity.

    The Schema is then automatically set according to the entity selected. If needed, click Edit schema to display a dialog box where you can modify this schema and remove the columns that you do not need in the output.
  8. Click Sync columns to retrieve the schema from the preceding component.