Migrating to Talend Data Preparation 8.0.x with an external MongoDB - 8.0

Talend Big Data Platform Migration and Upgrade Guide

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Installation and Upgrade

Before you begin

If you have installed and used Talend Dictionary Service to create custom semantic types or update the predefined ones, you must migrate Talend Dictionary Service before migrating Talend Data Preparation. See Migrating to Talend Dictionary Service 8.0.x.


  1. Stop your current Talend Data Preparation instance but keep the MongoDB instance running.
  2. Back up your MongoDB by running the following command.
    For Linux:
    ./mongodump -h <source_mongodb_host>:<source_mongo_port> -d <source_database> -u <source_mongodb_user> -p <source_mongodb_password> -o <dump_output>
    For Windows:
    <mongo_path>\bin>mongodump -h <source_mongodb_host>:<source_mongo_port> -d <source_database> -u <source_mongodb_user> -p <source_mongodb_password> -o <dump_output>
    For more information, see the MongoDB documentation.
    After backing up MongoDB, stop the instance.
  3. Install and start MongoDB 4.x.
    Talend Data Preparation 8.0 supports MongoDB version 4.x and 3.6.
  4. Delete the database:
    1. Open a mongo shell as a Talend Data Preparation database user and execute the following commands.
      For Linux:
      cd <install_dir>/mongodb/bin
      ./mongo dataprep -u dataprep-user -p dprep --port 27017
      For Windows:
      <install_dir>\mongodb\bin>mongo dataprep -u dataprep-user -p dprep --port 27017
    2. Switch to the Talend Data Preparation database: use dataprep
    3. Drop the database: db.runCommand( { dropDatabase: 1 } )
    4. Exit mongo shell: exit
  5. Restore the MongoDB backup by running the following command.
    For Linux:
    ./mongorestore -h <mongo_host>:<mongo_port> -u <mongo_tdp_username> -p <mongo_tdp_password> -d <mongo_tdp_database> <backup_location>
    For Windows:
    <mongo_path>\bin>mongorestore -h <mongo_host>:<mongo_port> -u <mongo_tdp_username> -p <mongo_tdp_password> -d <mongo_tdp_database> <backup_location>
    For the previous version of Talend Data Preparation, if you have customized the <Data_Preparation_Path>/conf/data-preparation.properties file, you can copy the values from the old configuration file to the new file.
  6. Install Talend Data Preparation and select the external MongoDB option. Do not start the instance. Make sure to configure it with the same settings as the previous instance and link it to your Talend Administration Center.
    If you have installed Talend Data Preparation in service mode, stop the instance and MongoDB.
  7. To retrieve the content of the data-set storage folder used for Talend Data Preparation 1.x/2.x, and to migrate to version 8.0, complete the next step according to your situation:
    • If you have set a custom value for the dataset.content.store.file.location property, verify that you set the same value in the application.properties file for the 8.0 version.
    • If you have not modified the value of the dataset.content.store.file.location property, copy the content of the <Data_Preparation_Path>/data folder used in 1.x/2.x, and paste it in the 8.0 installation folder, following the same path.
  8. Start Talend Data Preparation.
  9. Republish semantic types using Talend Dictionary Service API to migrate indexes to Lucene 8.


You are now ready to use Talend Data Preparation.