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Installation and Upgrade

Before applying a monthly update on a Talend Studio production branch, Talend recommends you first test the update on a test branch.

Talend recommends using a proxy server, with Sonatype Nexus or JFrog Artifactory, to control the updates applied via an administrator account and to easily apply them to several Talend Studio instances at once.

Before you begin

  • Make sure Sonatype Nexus or JFrog Artifactory is installed and configured.
  • All the Talend Studio instances which share a project must be updated to the same version. Make sure you are aligned with your team about the version to use.
  • In the following steps:
    • Studio_1 refers to the current Talend Studio instance used for production
    • Studio_2 refers to the Talend Studio instance used for testing the update.

About this task

Let's say, as an administrator, you want to test the November 2021 monthly update on your Talend Studio and apply it to several Talend Studio instances.


  1. Create a proxy repository in a raw format with Sonatype Nexus or a virtual repository in a generic or maven format with JFrog Artifactory.
  2. Name this repository my_R2021-11 for example.
  3. Link this repository to the November monthly update you want to test: https://update.talend.com/Studio/8/updates/R2021-11.
  4. Open the Studio_1.
  5. Create a new branch named update_testing (or any other name) based on the production branch. For more information on the creation of branches with Talend Studio, see Creating a new branch based on a selected source. You can also create a branch without Talend Studio using Git.
  6. Install another Talend Studio instance (Studio_2) to test the update and open it.
  7. Click Preferences > Update settings.
  8. Under Update URL, paste the new URL: You can now start testing the November monthly update without impacting the other Talend Studio instances.
  9. Select the project you want to test the update on in the update_testing branch.
    Note: If your project has reference projects, you need to log into the main project with the first Talend Studio instance (Studio_1) to change the project reference to your test branch (in this example, update_testing) to make sure all the projects you test are on the update_testing branch. You can then use the Studio_2 to migrate the reference projects before the main project.
  10. In the warning window that appears, click OK to migrate the project to the new update.
    You applied the update to Studio_2 and migrated your projects in the update_testing branch. You can now test the update.
  11. When the November monthly update is tested and validated, create a group repository in a raw format with Sonatype Nexus or a virtual repository in a generic or maven format with JFrog Artifactory.
  12. Name this repository latest_validated_update for example.
  13. Link this repository to the validated update: my_R2021-11.
  14. For each Talend Studio instance you want to update, paste the following URL in Talend Studio under Update URL:


The November monthly update can now be applied to all Talend Studio instances. If you want to test and apply other monthly updates, follow the same steps and update the latest_validated_update repository.