Upgrading to the new Talend Artifact Repository instance - 8.0

Talend Migration and Upgrade Guide

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Installation and Upgrade
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Before you begin

  • You enabled the upgrade capability in Nexus 2.x, copied and saved the access token found on the Status tab for this new capability.
  • You enabled the upgrade capability in Nexus 3.

For more information, see Sonatype documentation.


  1. From the Administration menu, located on the left panel of Nexus 3, select Repository > Repositories.
  2. Delete all repositories.
  3. From the Administration menu of Nexus 3, click Upgrade.
  4. From the Agent connection page, configure the connection to the upgrade agent:
    1. Enter the URL of Nexus 2 in the URL field.
    2. Enter the access token from the Upgrade: Agent capability from Nexus 2 in the Access Token field.
  5. From the Content page, select the content to be transferred from Nexus 2 to Nexus 3.
  6. From the Repository Defaults page, select the default settings used for repository upgrade.
    When Nexus 2 and Nexus 3 are running on the same server, you can select Hard link (fastest) or Filesystem copy (slow).
  7. From the Repositories page, select the repositories to be upgraded to Nexus 3.
  8. From the Preview page, click Begin to start the upgrade.
    The upgrade comprises three phases: Preparing, Synchronizing, and Finishing.
    To finalize the upgrade, stop the monitoring and proceed through the Finishing screen.


All the artifacts from Nexus 2 are migrated to Nexus 3 but the roles are not migrated to Nexus 3.

What to do next

You need to configure roles and users in Nexus 3. For more information, see Configuring roles in the Talend Artifact Repository instance.