Copying data to MongoDB GridFS - Cloud - 8.0


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  1. Double-click tMongoDBGridFSPut to open its Component view.
  2. Select the Use existing connection check box and from the Connection list, select the component in which the MongoDB connection to be used is defined.
  3. In the Bucket field, enter the bucket to be used to store files in GridFS. In this example, it is talend_channel/61.
  4. In the Local folder field, enter the path, or browse to the folder where the files to be uploaded to GridFS are stored. As explained previously, it is a video file called custom_hadoop.mp4.
  5. In the Files table, add one row by clicking the [+] button and in the Filemask column, enter *.mp4 within the double quotation marks. This allows tMongoDBGridFSPut to copy all the files with the .mp4 extension from the local folder you have specified to the bucket to be used in GridFS.
  6. Leave the New name column empty, that is to say, leave the double quotation marks in this column as is, so as to keep the name of this video unchanged after being copied to GridFS.