Creating nodes and relationships in batches from CSV files - Cloud - 8.0


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This scenario describes a Job that creates nodes and relationships among the nodes in a Neo4j version 4 database using the tNeo4jv4ImportTool component. The Job contains only one component: tNeo4jv4ImportTool.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This scenario applies only to Talend products with Big Data.

Because the tNeo4jv4ImportTool component requires that the machine where the Job runs has a physical access to the Neo4j version 4 server, Neo4j is installed in D:/neo4j folder on the local machine.

This Job uses the following three CSV files.
  • actors.csv, which contains information about Actor nodes.
  • movies.csv, which contains information about Movies nodes.
  • roles.csv, which contains information about the relationships among the Actor nodes and Movie nodes.