Installing Apache MQ as an OSGi Feature - 8.0

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ActiveMQ can also be installed as a Feature in Talend ESB Container, this way, it will be automatically launched when launching Talend ESB Container.


  1. In the Talend Runtime container, use the following command to start ActiveMQ: karaf@trun> feature:install activemq
  2. By default, no broker is created in the Container. To start a broker within the Talend Runtime container, use the following command: karaf@trun> feature:install activemq-broker

    This creates a default broker named amq-broker and its configuration file: <TalendESBPath>/container/etc/org.apache.activemq.server-default.cfg. You can modify the broker's default configuration by editing this file. For more information on how to create multiple brokers, to remove or to query a broker, see ActiveMQ broker inside a Runtime container.

    This command also installs the ActiveMQ Web console, available at: http://localhost:8040/activemqweb/

    For more information on ActiveMQ Web console advanced configuration, see ActiveMQ Web console.