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Service Activity Monitoring (SAM) facilitates the capture of analysis of service activity, including service response times, traffic patterns, auditing, and more, by capturing events and storing information. This component consists of two parts:
  • Agents (sam-agent) which gather and send monitoring data
  • A monitoring Server (sam-server) which processes and stores the data
The sequence of how these are used is as follows:
  1. The Agent creates events out of requests and replies from both the service consumer and provider side.
  2. The events are first collected locally and then sent to the Monitoring Server periodically (so as not to disturb the normal message flow).
  3. When the Monitoring Server receives events from the Agent, it optionally uses filters and handlers on those events and stores them into a database.
The Agent and Monitoring Server are made available as follows:
  • The agent is by default installed as a feature in Talend ESB Container.
  • The Monitoring Server needs to be installed into a Servlet Container (Tomcat) or an OSGi Container (Talend ESB Container) and needs access to a database.

Once Talend ESB installed, you can access the Service Activity Monitoring server in the <TalendESBPath>/add-ons/sam directory to install it or directly install it as a feature within the Talend ESB Container.