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Orchestration (Mediation)

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About this task

This use case requires one cDelayer component, two cFile components, and two cProcessor components.


  1. From the Connectivity folder of the Palette, drop two cFile components onto the design workspace, one to read files from a local folder and the other to write the files to another local folder.
  2. From the Custom folder of the Palette, drop two cProcessor components onto the design workspace, one next to the reading component to monitor messages read from the source file folder, and the other next to the writing component to monitor messages written to the target file folder.
  3. From the Orchestration folder of the Palette, drop one cDelayer component onto the design workspace, between the message reading monitor component and the message writing component.
  4. Connect the components using Row > Route connections.
  5. Label the components to better identify their roles in the Route, as shown above.