Jobs with 10 most schema column count - 8.0

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Another method used in Talend Project Audit for assessing the complexity of the audited project is counting schema columns in all Jobs in the investigated project and then grouping Jobs in groups relative to the 10 highest schema column figures.

Consequently, this section in Talend Project Audit report will provide 10 tables presented in ascending order. Each table groups all Jobs that hold the same figure among the 10 highest schema column figures.

Each of the 10 tables is preceded by the schema column figure used as the grouping factor for all Jobs listed in the table. The number of schemas used in each of the listed Jobs is given in a separate column.




Name of the Job in the audited project

Schema count

Number of schema per Job

Note: This report is parameterized. It is possible to define the number used as grouping factors.

This type of investigation will help diagnosing system performance problems, for example through identifying the columns that are present in the Job design but not really used during Job execution.

An example of this is when you use the Lookup flow in your Job design. Usually, a lookup schema has numerous columns and you only use limited number in your Job.