Regenerating a report from audit history - 8.0

Talend Project Audit User Guide

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If you have defined a custom audit database and used it when auditing your project, you can regenerate audit reports from history records.

For more information on how to define a custom audit database, see Customizing audit database.


  1. Click on the toolbar of the Studio main window, or click File > Edit Project properties from the menu to open the Project Settings dialog box, and then click Audit to open the Audit view.
  2. Select the Save report in databases check box.
  3. Click next to the Regenerate from history field to update the list of report generation records.
  4. Select a generation record and click the Generate button.


  5. In the Browse for Folder dialog box, browse to the folder where you want to save your audit report, and click OK to start audit report generation.


Upon successful report generation, a message box appears to inform you where to check the regenerated audit report.