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New functions to use external map variables New functions have been added to Talend Data Mapper:
  • PutValueToExternalMap to create variables and store them in an external map in order to reuse them other components of a Job or Route.
  • GetValueFromExternalMap to use external map variables from other components in a map.

Talend Data Services Platform

Multi-output flattening map

Delivered in 7.3 R2021-04 monthly release

The flattening map feature has been improved to allow you to create a map with multiple outputs. You can select the elements in the input structure that should be used as outputs.

Talend Data Services Platform

EDIFACT importer

Delivered in 7.3 R2021-03 monthly release

You can now import UN/EDIFACT specifications as ZIP files to create structures. Talend Data Mapper supports specifications starting from the release D.96A.

Talend Data Services Platform

Excluding complex elements from XSD imports

Delivered in 7.3 R2020-12 monthly release

A new option in the XML Schema import wizard allows you to list complex types to exclude from your structure.

Talend Data Services Platform