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Release Notes
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Talend Remote Engine v2.12.0 is now generally available.

New features

Features Description

Parallel run of identical tasks

A Talend Remote Engine has always been able to run different tasks in parallel. From v2.12.0 onwards, it also supports concurrent run of identical tasks.

For further information about the related configuration, see Running tasks in parallel on a single Remote Engine.

JobServer version The Talend JobServer version used by Talend Remote Engine has been upgraded to v8.0.1.
Along with this update, you need to explicitly set the following parameter when using impersonated users to run tasks:

User impersonation is for Linux only. For further details about impersonation, see Defining the list of users allowed to run tasks as different users.

Logging You can add the stdout and the stderr logs of your Job executions to the Log4j logs to display the information in Talend Management Console.

In Remote Engine v2.12.0 onwards, the job.log.system.streams parameter to be used for this configuration has been moved to the <RemoteEngineInstallationDirectory>/etc/org.talend.ipaas.rt.job.commandline.handler.cfg file.

For further information, see Displaying standard system logs in Talend Management Console.

Security enhancements

Issue Description
TPOPS-335 Pax URL Aether has been updated to its latest version to avoid the following vulnerabilities:
TPOPS-3406 Pax Logging has been updated to avoid the CVE-2021-29425 vulnerability.
TPOPS-3510 New version of jackson-databind is now applied to repair a Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability.
TPOPS-3562 Karaf is now upgraded to v4.2.15.
TPOPS-3563 CXF has been updated to v3.5.1.
TPOPS-3654 Camel v3.14.2 is now applied.
TPOPS-3668 Spring dependencies in Talend Remote Engine have been upgraded to repair the CVE-2022-22965 vulnerability of Spring Beans.
TPOPS-3715 XStream has been upgraded to v1.4.17 to repair the following XStream vulnerabilities:
  • CVE-2021-39139
  • CVE-2021-39140
  • CVE-2021-39141
  • CVE-2021-39144
  • CVE-2021-39146
  • CVE-2021-39147
  • CVE-2021-39148
  • CVE-2021-39149
  • CVE-2021-39150
  • CVE-2021-39151
  • CVE-2021-39152
  • CVE-2021-39153
  • CVE-2021-39154
  • CVE-2021-43859

Notable fixes

Issue Description
TPOPS-3354 Remote engine is not able to load class after illegal character is found in path at index 1: ${log.transfer.upload.url}.
TPOPS-3664 Specific Jobs fail with Remote Engine v2.11.8.

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