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New features

Feature Description
Parallel run of tasks on a Remote Engine

You can run the same tasks in parallel on a single Remote Engine v2.12.0 and onwards. To leverage this feature, do the following:

  • You need to select a Remote Engine as the engine and enable the Allow parallel run of this task option.
  • In the <RemoteEngineInstallationDirectory>/etc/org.talend.ipaas.rt.deployment.agent.cfg file, ensure the following line is present:
Collect metrics from Jobs executed on Remote Engines

The Metrics tab in the Run overview page is now available for Jobs running on Remote Engines. It allows you to view information on the Job components such as the count of records.

This feature will be enabled gradually and will be part of an Early Adopter Program. You can submit a request via Talend Support portal by indicating Participate in EAP for tpops-295 - metrics collected on Remote Engines and providing your customer Account ID in the ticket, that you can find on the Subscription page of Talend Management Console.

Copy/move tasks and plans
The user experience has been enhanced to make it easier to copy or move your tasks and plans. By clicking the new Copy/Move button from the Task or Plan details page, you can now:
  • duplicate your tasks and plans on any workspace in the same environment.
  • move your tasks and plans from the current workspace to another one in the same environment.
Plan status displayed in the Run overview page The plan status is now displayed in the task parameters from the Run overview page.
Downloads page: Talend Studio updates only for versions prior to 8.0.1

The Talend Studio updates available on the Downloads page are only for Talend Studio versions prior to 8.0.1.

From Talend Studio 8, no downloads are necessary from the Downloads page. Talend Studio collaborators are automatically notified about the new updates and choose to apply or not.


New parameters and new date format are introduced to the customer log API endpoints.

Customer log API endpoints
Method Endpoint Description Query parameters Response
POST /executions/{runId}/logs Generates the full log of a given task run and returns a download token to this log.

This token is valid for one hour.

  • startTime: earliest date and time of the logs to be put in the generated log. For example: 2021-06-14T07:01:45Z. By default, logs are retrieved from the start time of the run
  • endTime: latest date and time of the logs to be put in the generated log. For example: 2021-06-14T15:04:45Z. By default, current time is used
New optional query parameters:
  • fileFormat: the format of the log file to be generated. The available formats are json and text.
  • newFileName: this parameter indicates whether you need to include task IDs and execution IDs in the filename of the log to be generated.

    It is recommended to set this value to be true as the old filename format is going to be deprecated.

A new isoDate field has been added to the content of the logs. This field displays human readable dates of your logs.

Access these endpoints via https://api.us.cloud.talend.com/tmc/swagger/swagger-ui.html. You'll find a list of the URLs corresponding to each data center in Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

For documented use cases of these APIs, see Monitoring tasks.

Get started with Talend Management Console on Talend Management Console User Guide.