Notable fixes and technical improvements in Talend Cloud Data Stewardship R2023-02 - Cloud - 8.0

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Release Notes

Notable fixes and improvements

Improvement Description
A variety of technical improvements and fixes have been implemented to improve the application stability, resilience, and performance.
  • Improved database requests performance and reduced unnecessary processing for more responsiveness
  • More reliable purge of soft-deleted tasks in the database
  • More informative messages for users when updating data models to detail campaigns dependencies
  • Fixed a known issue related to deleting a semantic type used in both an attribute and a data quality rule of a data model
  • Fixed concurrency issue between task injection and tasks deletion to avoid deleting newly creating tasks
  • Enhanced task pagination scalability and performances when reading tasks from Talend Studio or via API, especially for high volumes
  • Prioritizing campaigns display while statistics are computed asynchronously to improve UI responsiveness

Known issues: