New features in Talend Management Console R2023-02 - Cloud - 8.0

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Cloud Engine tokens

When tasks and plans targeting Cloud Engines are paused, Cloud Engine is not started and tokens not consumed anymore.

For more information about engine behavior, see Allocating Remote Engines and clusters to environments and workspaces.

Pause and resume task and plan
You can now see who paused the task or plan and on which date this operation was performed at the top of the details page.
Cron trigger: help text improvement
You can now see the help text for each field when configuring a Cron expression.
Cron trigger: new copy/paste button
You can now copy/paste the Cron expression from the task or plan details page.
Edit connections
You can now edit a connection directly from the Connections step when adding or editing a task.

This feature is available only if you have the Manage permission on the workspace where the connection is located.