Loading data to the Snowflake table - Cloud - 8.0


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Configure the Basic settings of the tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec component to insert data to the Snowflake table.


  1. Double-click the tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec component to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Specify the connection details required to access Snowflake. In this example, from the Connection Component drop-down list displayed, select the connection component to reuse its connection details you have already defined.
  3. In the Table field, select the table you created in the second tSnowflakeRow component in the previous step. In this example, it is DEMO_NAMES.
  4. If needed, click the Sync columns button to make sure the schema is properly retrieved from the preceding component.
  5. Select INSERT from the Output Action drop-down list.
  6. Select Internal from the Storage drop-down list and enter demo in the Stage Folder field.