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Maven options you can pass when building, executing and publishing artifacts on your Continuous Integration server.

Note: There are three types of Maven parameters that you can use in your builds:
  • The generic build parameters used by the Talend CI builder plugin.
  • The parameters related to deployment used by the Talend CI builder and Cloud publisher plugins.
  • The other Talend parameters that are not defined in the CI builder plugin.
Talend leverages a standard Maven-based Continuous Integration (CI) implementation. A CI Maven command typically looks like this:
mvn \
   -f <project name>/poms/pom.xml \
   -am -pl <comma separated list of jobs modules> \
   -Dlicense.path=<license local path or url> \
   -Dtalend.studio.p2.base=<P2 update site base url> \
   -Dtalend.studio.p2.update=<P2 update folder path or url> \
   -Dservice.url=<talend cloud service url>
   -Dcloud.token=<talend cloud personal access token>
   -Dcloud.publisher.screenshot=<true or false>
   -Dcloud.publisher.environment=<name of your existing Cloud environment> 
   -Dcloud.publisher.workspace=<name of your existing Cloud workspace>
clean deploy
mvn -f C:/CI_CD/MYPROJECT/poms/pom.xml clean deploy -fae -e -pl jobs/process/priorTest_0.1 -am