Storing the CI Builder plugin in Nexus - Cloud - 8.0

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The CI Builder plugin is necessary at build time, it is used to automatically download and install the P2-based Talend CommandLine as well as to generate the POM files of your project.

Note: The following procedure is optional for Talend CI Builder 8.0.4 and higher. Starting from Talend CI Builder 8.0.4, it is available in the official Talend repository, which is referenced in the file.

Before you begin

  • Retrieve the CI Builder plugin archive, either from your license email, or from the Continuous Integration (CI) for cloud section of the Downloads page of your Talend Cloud account.
  • Make sure the Nexus artifact repository that is provided by Talend within the Talend Administration Center archive that contains the talend-custom-libs repository is started and you are logged in your account. If you are using your own Nexus repository, you need to create a talend-custom-libs repository and upload external libraries there.


  1. From the Nexus home page, click Browse on the left panel.
  2. Select the talend-custom-libs repository in the list.
  3. Click Upload on the left panel to upload the CI Builder files.
  4. In the Choose assets for this component area, browse to the following CI Builder files you have previously downloaded:



  5. Click Upload.


The CI Builder files are uploaded to your artifact repositories. The plugin will be used in the CI pipeline.