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Converting the existing Spark Batch Job to a Spark Streaming Job.

Before you begin


  1. In the Repository tree view, expand the Job Designs node, the Big Data Batch node and then the getting_started folder and the spark folder.
  2. Right-click the aggregate_movie_director_spark Job and from the contextual menu, select Duplicate.

    The Duplicate window is opened.

  3. In the Input new name field, name this duplicate to aggregate_movie_director_spark_streaming.
  4. From Job Type drop-down list, select Big Data Streaming.
  5. From the Framework list, select Spark Streaming and click OK to validate the changes.

    The aggregate_movie_director_spark_streaming Job is displayed under the Big Data Streaming node in the Repository.

  6. Right-click this node and select Create folder from the contextual menu.
  7. In the New Folder wizard, name the new folder to streaming_movies and click Finish to create the folder.
  8. Drop the aggregate_movie_director_spark_streaming Job into this streaming_movies folder.


This new Spark Streaming Job is now ready for further editing.