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The example in this document assumes that the customer data you want to profile is stored in a MySQL database.

If you want to replicate the example and use the exact input data, you can download the gettingstarted.sql file of the customer data and then import it in a MySQL database.

Before you begin

  • You have an access to a MySQL database.
  • You have downloaded from the Downloads tab of this page, and stored the source file gettingstarted.sql locally.


  1. Open the MySQL Workbench to launch an instance of the database.
  2. From the menu bar, select Server > Data Import to open the import wizard wizard.
  3. Select the Import from Self-Contained File option and browse to where you have stored the gettingstarted.sql file.
  4. Select the schema to which you want to import the data, or click New... to define a new schema.
  5. Click Start Import in the lower right corner.


The gettingstarted database is imported in the MySQL database.