Deploying the service to the Talend ESB Container via the Talend Administration Center - 8.0

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Once your service is published in the Talend Artifact Repository, you will be able to deploy it into the Talend ESB Container.


  1. From the Talend Administration Center, click ESB Conductor in the menu to the left to display the corresponding page.
  2. Click the Add button on the top and fill in the Conductor Task form that displays to the right:
  3. In the Label field of the Metadata area, name your service deployment task.
  4. In the Feature area, click the Select Feature button to open the Select Feature from Nexus repository wizard that will help you fill in the following fields of this area.
  5. In the Repository list, select releases, browse to the Customer Service feature and select it. Click OK and all the Service feature information will be filled in in the form.
  6. In the Runtime Config area, select the container on which to deploy the Service in the Server list.
  7. Click Save and the Service deployment task will be shown in the list.
  8. Click the Deploy button and the Service will be deployed into the Talend ESB Container specified in the Server list.

    The Last Action column value changes from CREATED to DEPLOYED, and if you type in list in the Talend ESB Container prompt, a new bundle is listed, the Customer Service one:

    400 | Active   |  80 | 0.1.0.SNAPSHOT | CustomerService