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Talend Data Fabric Getting Started Guide

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You have learned how Talend Studio helps you profile your data and collect statistics and information about it in order to assess the quality level of the data according to defined set goals.

You have seen:

  • How to use the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio to analyze customer email addresses and phone numbers by using out-of-box indicators and patterns.

  • How the analysis results show the matching and non-matching address records and how it is possible to browse such data.

  • How to generate Talend Jobs on analysis results and recuperate the non-matching data.

  • How to use a Talend Job to standardize phone numbers.

Once you succeed with the simple procedures outlined in Identifying anomalies in data, you can start digging deeper to see in detail all the profiling and cleansing capabilities of Talend Studio.

Now you can learn to use the Talend Big Data solution to integrate the information about the movies your company provides for rental and streaming and their directors.