Adding a lookup component - 8.0

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The procedure below shows how to add a lookup input component from the Repository, connect it to the tMap, and enable column trimming in the component.

Before you begin


  1. In the Repository tree view, expand Metadata > File delimited, drag and drop the file connection directors or its schema directors_schema onto the design workspace.

    The Components dialog box opens, showing a list of components you can add to the Job from this metadata item.

  2. Select tFileInputDelimited and click OK.

    A tFileInputDelimited labelled directors is added to the design workspace, with its basic settings automatically filled.

  3. Right-click the newly added tFileInputDelimited component, select Row > Main from the contextual menu, and click the tMap component.

    The tFileInputDelimited is connected to the tMap via a lookup connection now.

  4. In the Advanced settings tab of the new tFileInputDelimited component, and select the Trim all columns check box.

    Some records of the reference input file directors.txt contains leading white spaces. This option allows you to remove such white spaces from the lookup input flow when the Job is executed.


You have now all the components in the Job needed for filtering the movies information. Next you'll need to configure mappings in the tMap component to filter the main input flow against the lookup flow and output the desired information.