Configuring custom Java KeyStore for Job artifact signature - Cloud - 8.0

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By default, Talend Studio signs Job artifacts when building Jobs using a Java KeyStore issued by Talend, to prevent accidental or malicious modification of Job artifacts. If you have installed the 8.0 R2022-06 Studio monthly update or a later one provided by Talend, Talend Studio supports configuring custom Java KeyStore for the Job artifact signature when working on a project managed by Talend Cloud Management Console.

Before you begin

You have generated a custom Java KeyStore using a third-party Java keytool.


  1. Click Window > Preferences from the menu bar to open the Preferences dialog box.
  2. Click Talend > Security > Artifact signature to open the corresponding view.
  3. In the Key Path field, specify the path to your custom Java KeyStore.
  4. In the Keystore Password field, specify the KeyStore password in plain text.
  5. In the Key Password field, specify the key password in plain text.
  6. In the Key Alias field, specify the alias name associated with your KeyStore.
  7. Click Apply and Close to save your changes and close the dialog box.
    Later, your Job artifacts will be signed by the custom Java KeyStore when building Jobs. After you publish your Job artifacts to Talend Cloud, your Remote Engine will validate their signature before running them. For more information, see Running trusted tasks with your custom signature.