Viewing and exporting the analyzed data - Cloud - 8.0

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You can view the analyzed data in a table and export them to a CSV file.


  1. Click the Analyzed Results tab.
  2. In the Duplicate Record Statistics or Group Statistics tab, right-click a row > View rows.
    The View rows tab displays a list of the data matching the matching keys. In this example, the matching key is the column containing last names and the matching function is Levenshtein.

    In addiction to the source columns, the table contains extra information: the blocking key, the group ID, the group size, the master record, the score, the group quality and the attribute score.

    When you are using the T-Swoosh algorithm, the View rows tab includes the merged records. You may see more records than in the Analyzed Results tab.

  3. To export the data, click the Export button on the top left corner.
  4. Define your export and click OK.