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For a Git managed project, a tag is a read-only copy that records the current state of the project at the point of time the tag is created.

Warning: When working in a tag, you can make changes to your project items, but you will be unable to permanently save your changes to an item unless you copy the item to a branch or the main. For how to copy an item to a branch, see Copying items from a branch or a tag.

You can create a tag for a project either in Talend Studio or in Talend Administration Center .

  • Close all open editors in the design workspace before trying to create a tag. Otherwise, a warning message will appear prompting you to close all open editors.
  • All tags are visible for all projects on the same Git repository. Therefore, if you create some tags for one project, all other projects on the same Git repository will have the same list.

For how to create a tag in Talend Administration Center, see Talend Administration Center User Guide.


  1. Open the remote project for which you want to create a tag.
  2. Click the top bar of the Repository tree view to open a drop-down menu.
  3. Select More ... from the drop-down menu and then select Add Tag from the sub-menu.
  4. In the New Tag dialog box, select the source, which can be the main or a branch based on which your tag will be created, enter a name for your new tag, and click OK.
    Warning: You cannot create tags based on a local branch you have created in the Studio.
    Creating a tag may take some time. When done, the tag you created will be listed on the drop-down menu when clicking the top bar of the Repository tree view, and you can switch to it by following the steps in Switching between branches or tags.