Customizing deployment of a Job - 8.0

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About this task

Through the Job view, you can customize the deployment information, including the group ID and the deployment version, of your Job before publishing it to the artifact repository.


  1. Open the Job you want to customize the deployment information of.
  2. Click the Job tab and select the Deployment vertical tab.
  3. Customize the deployment information for the Job as needed.
    • To customize the group ID of the Job, select the Use Custom GroupId check box and enter the name of the group in which you want to publish the Job.

      When published, if the Job is a root node, its default group ID is the one set in the artifact repository preference settings; if the Job is not a root node, the folder structure is used as the default group ID.

    • To customize the deployment version of the Job, select the Use Custom Version check box and enter a new version.

      By default, the deployment version is the version of the Job, or the deployment version set for the Job in project settings.

    • To publish a Snapshot version of the Job, select the Publish as Snapshot check box. To publish a Release version, clear this check box.