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This section shows how to activate or deactivate installed features in your project. An installed feature must be active if you want to use it in your project.


  1. Launch your Talend Studio and log into the project in which you want to activate or deactivate installed features.
  2. Click File > Edit Project properties from the menu bar, and on the tree view in the Project Settings dialog box displayed, click General > Activate/Deactivate features to open the corresponding view.
    All features already installed are listed in a hierarchy tree view, organized by categories, the same as they are in the Feature Manager.
  3. Select or clear the check boxes corresponding to the features you want to activate or deactivate in the current project.
  4. If needed, click Add features to open the Feature Manager to install more features.
  5. Click Apply to save your changes.
    When prompted:
    • Click Yes, restart to restart your Talend Studio so your changes take effect in the current project.
    • Click Not now if you prefer not to restart right away. Your changes will take effect next time you log into the project.