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About this task

Upon creation, a test case has one test instance named Default. You can add as many instances as you need to run the same test case with different sets of data files. From the Test Cases view, you run an instance individually or run all the instances of the test case at the same time. To add a test instance, do the following:


  1. From the Repository tree view, select the test case or the Job for which you created the test case and go to the Test Cases view.
    Note: If you have created more than one test cases for a Job, when you select the Job from the Repository tree view, all its test cases are displayed in the Test Cases view.
  2. On the left panel of the Test Cases, right-click the test case you want to set up, and select Add Instance from the contextual menu.
  3. Type in a name for the instance or accept the proposed name.
    The newly created test instance appears under the test case name node.
    You can remove the instance, add test data to all existing instances, or run the instance by right-clicking on the instance and select the relevant item of the contextual menu. You can also remove a test data item by right-clicking it and select Remove TestData from the context menu.

    Note that if you remove a test data item from an instance, this item is also removed from all the other instances.

  4. Specify a new context for the newly created test instance. For more information, see the procedure below.