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If you often need to connect to an XML file, you may want to use the New Xml File wizard to centralize your connection to the file and the schema retrieved from it in your Repository for easy reuse.

Depending on the option you select, the wizard helps you create either an input or an output file connection. In a Job, the tFileInputXML and tExtractXMLField components use the input connection created to read XML files, whereas tAdvancedFileOutputXML uses the output schema created to either write an XML file, or to update an existing XML file.

For further information about reading an XML file, see Setting up XML metadata for an input file.

For further information about writing an XML file, see Setting up XML metadata for an output file.

To create an XML file connection from scratch, expand the Metadata node in the Repository tree view, right-click File XML and select Create file XML from the contextual menu to open the file metadata setup wizard.

To centralize a file connection and its schema you have defined in a Job, click the save icon in the Basic settings view of the relevant component with its Property Type set to Built-in to open the file metadata setup wizard.

Then define the general properties and file schema in the wizard.