Configuring LDAP access parameters - Cloud - 8.0

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  1. In this view, set the authentication and data access mode.
    LDAP access parameters
    Field Description
    Authentication method Simple authentication: requires Authentication Parameters field to be filled in

    Anonymous authentication: does not require authentication parameters

    Authentication Parameters Bind DN or User: login as expected by the LDAP authentication method

    Bind password: expected password

    Save password: remembers the login details.

    Get Base DN from Root DSE / Base DN Path to user's authorized tree leaf

    Fetch Base DNs button retrieves the DN automatically from Root.

    Alias Dereferencing Never allows to improve search performance if you are sure that no aliases is to be dereferenced. By default, Always is to be used. Always: Always dereference aliases

    Never: never dereferences aliases.

    Searching: dereferences aliases only after name resolution.

    Finding: dereferences aliases only during name resolution

    Referral Handling Redirection of user request:

    Ignore: does not handle request redirections

    Follow: does handle request redirections

    Limit Limited number of records to be read
  2. Click Check authentication to verify your access rights.
  3. Click Fetch Base DNs to retrieve the DN and click the Next button to continue.
  4. If any third-party libraries required for setting up an LDAP connection are found missing, an external module installation wizard appears. Install the required libraries as guided by the wizard.