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About this task

A sandbox project is a working project created from Talend Studio by a new user not registered in Talend Administration Center to test data, environments, etc. When you as a new user create a sandbox project, you create both your project in a remote repository and your user account on Talend Administration Center. This way, the project can be easily shared with other users and migrated to a production environment.

Warning: If your account already exists in Talend Administration Center, you will not be able to create a sandbox project.

To create a sandbox project:


  1. Launch Talend Studio using a remote connection.
  2. On login screen, select Create a Sandbox Project and click Select. A Create Sandbox project dialog box opens.
    Create Sandbox project dialog box.
  3. In the URL field, type in the URL of Talend Administration Center.
    To get Talend Administration Center's URL, contact your system administrator.
  4. Click Check to validate Talend Administration Center's URL.
  5. In the Login and Password fields, type in the email address and password that will be used to connect to your remote project with Talend Studio and to connect to Talend Administration Center if you want to change your password, for example.
    Be aware that the email entered is never used for another purpose other than logging in.
    Warning: If your account already exists in Talend Administration Center, you will not be able to create a sandbox project.
  6. In the First name and Last name fields, type in your first and last name.
  7. Click OK to validate.
    A popup window prompts you to indicate that your sandbox project and its corresponding connection have successfully been created. They are respectively named Sandbox_username_project and username_Connection
  8. Click OK to close the popup.
    You might receive an email notifying of your account creation on Talend Administration Center, if the administrator activated this functionality.
    The Connection, Email and Password fields are automatically filled in with the connection information you provided and the Project list is automatically filled in with your newly created sandbox project.


To open the newly created sandbox project in Talend Studio, select your Sandbox project connection from the connection list, select the project list, and click Finish.