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About this task

DataQuality routine is composed of portions of code that parse and clean your data. You can use them in the settings of Data Quality components in a Talend Job.

To access the functions, in the Repository tree view, go to Code > Global routines > system and double-click DataQuality.

Description and syntax of DataQuality routine functions
Function Description Syntax
getTitle Returns the extracted title based on a list of provided titles. DataQuality.getTitle
getNameWithoutTitle Returns the string without the title. DataQuality.getNameWithoutTitle
getNameWithoutSuffix Returns the string without the suffix. DataQuality.getNameWithoutSuffix
getLastName Returns only LastName value from the string. DataQuality.getLastName
getCleansedLastName Returns the string without the title and suffix. DataQuality.getCleansedLastName
isValidName Returns true/false if the string is a valid/invalid formed name respectively: [Initial] Firstname [Initial] Lastname. DataQuality.isValidName