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If needed, you can also define conversion rules to override the default conversion behavior of tMap.


  1. On the toolbar of the Talend Studio main window, click Project settings icon or click File > Edit Project Properties from the menu bar to open the Project Settings dialog box.
  2. In the tree view of the dialog box, expand General and select Auto-Conversion of types to open the relevant view.
    Auto-Conversion of types view from the Project settings.
  3. Select the Enable Auto-Conversion of types check box to activate the automatic type conversion feature for all tMap components added afterwards in the project.
  4. If needed, click the [+] button to add a line, select the source and target data types, and define a Java function for data type conversion to create a conversion rule to override the default conversion behavior of tMap for data that matches the rule.

    You can press Ctrl+Space in the Conversion Function field to access a list of available Java functions.

    The rule shown in this example will match mappings with the input data type of String and output data type of Integer.

    You can created as many conversion rules as you want.

  5. Click Apply to apply your changes and then OK to close the dialog box.