Defining a Webhook parameter in Talend Management Console - Cloud - 8.0

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  1. Open the task you want to execute as a webhook.
  2. In the Go Live step, select Webhook from the Trigger drop-down list.
  3. Enter the name of the webhook.
  4. Define the time zone for your executions in the Location (Time Zone) field.
  5. Define the information relative to the webhook execution.

    The polling interval of the service to run the webhook is 5 seconds.

    • Window threshold: defines the number of calls to the service

    • Window duration (in seconds): defines the number of seconds after the first service call

    The first event to occur triggers the execution.

    Note: If only one payload is needed, set the window size to 1. If more payloads are needed, they will be processed as an array.


    If the window size is 2, during the time set in the Window threshold parameter, two payloads are sent to Talend Management Console:

    However, Talend Management Console does not receive them as two separate payloads, it receives them as an array:
    The double quotation marks in the Webhook payloads are not escaped anymore. If some of your Jobs still use backslash (\) to escape them, set the following property in the <RemoteEngineInstallation>/etc/org.talend.ipaas.rt.jobserver.client.cfg configuration file:
  6. If you are scheduling a task, select the user you want to run the task as from the Run as drop-down list.
  7. Optional: Enter a description.
  8. Click Go Live.