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About this task

You can export multiple items from the repository onto a directory or an archive file. Hence you have the possibility to export metadata information such as DB connection or Documentation along with your Jobs, Routes and Services, for example. To do so:


  1. In the Repository tree view, select the items you want to export.
  2. To select several items at a time, press the Ctrl key and select the relevant items.
    Export items option in the Repository tree view.
    Warning: If you want to export a database table metadata entry, make sure you select the whole DB connection, and not only the relevant table as this will prevent the export process to complete correctly.
  3. Right-click while maintaining the Ctrl key down and select Export items on the pop-up menu:
    Export items dialog box.

    You can select additional items on the tree for exportation if required.

  4. Click Browse to browse to where you want to store the exported items. Alternatively, define the archive file where to compress the files for all selected items.
    Note: If you have several versions of the same item, they will all be exported.
  5. Select the Export Dependencies check box if you want to set and export dependencies along with the items you are exporting. By deafult, this check box is selected.

    All of the user routines are selected by default. For further information about routines, see What are routines.

  6. Click Finish to close the dialog box and export the items.