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Warning: For a Git managed project, information in this section is applicable only when you are working on a remote branch. For more information on working with project branches, see Working with project branches and tags.

When the commit mode is set to Unlocked Items in Talend Administration Center, the changes you make to an item are committed to the Git only after the item is unlocked.

Note: In the Repository tree view of Talend Studio, an item with uncommitted changes is preceded by a > symbol.

In this case, if you're the only owner of a changed item, you can get your changes committed to the Git by:

  • closing the item if the lock mode is set to Automatic in Talend Administration Center.

  • closing the item and unlocking it when prompted if the lock mode is set to Ask user in Talend Administration Center.

  • closing the item and manually unlocking it before quitting Talend Studio if the lock mode is set to Manual in Talend Administration Center.

In certain situations, a dialog box opens when uncommitted items are found, providing you options to handle those items. For details, see Handling uncommitted items when prompted.

For more information about the commit mode and lock mode options, see Adding a project stored in GIT.