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From Talend Studio you can share Talend community MDM projects by importing them from Talend Exchange into your local MDM repository.

About this task

To import one or multiple MDM projects from Talend Exchangeinto your local MDM repository, do the following:


  1. In the MDM Repository tree view, right-click any of the data objects in the view and then select Import Items from the contextual menu.
    The Import Repository items dialog box displays.
  2. Select the Select archive file option and then click Import from Talend Exchange .
    A dialog box displays and lists all the community MDM projects uploaded on Talend Exchange .
  3. Select from the list the MDM project you want to import into your current Studio and then click OK.
    All MDM data objects of the selected project are shown in the Import Repository items dialog box and selected by default.
  4. Click Finish to validate the import operation and close the dialog box.
    All data objects in the selected MDM project are exported and listed under the corresponding nodes in the MDM Repository tree view of your Studio.